We are at Spelonga Arquata del Tronto , a village nestled in the woods of the Monti della Laga .

The ideal place for love hiking in the mountains , especially the most curious .
Also suitable for those who want to spend a holiday with his family .

Festa Bella

Spelonga Despite being a small country , is known for a special event : the Festa Bella . It is a reconstruction of a ship in the middle of the town square, to issarvi on the banner brought to the country by Spelongani who participated in 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto. Many of the special features : first, the transport of a long trunk fir completely performed only by force of arms of the men , who are camping in the open mountain three days ; followed by the trunk of the tree will be erected in the center of the square, without the aid of machines, but only with the clever use of ropes and ladders ; still , the decoration of the whole country using local plants and branches ; Finally the party, during which evoke games and traditions of the past .

Throughout the year other celebrations parties, linked to particular traditions : the most important , the procession of the dead Christ on Good Friday , the mass picnic in the woods and on the day of the feast of the Assumption of August , the songs to eve of the Epiphany and the feast of St. Anthony the Abbot .

The Movie Serafino

These places were also the setting for the film “Serafino” by Pietro Germi . Here are scenes were filmed with the magnificent landscape of pasture and most of those shot in the country.

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